How to Download YouTube Videos and Convert to MP4

It is possible to download YouTube videos to your personal computer using a variety. The first step is to discover the URL of the YouTube video you’d like to download. The address will be visible in the browser address bar after you launch the video. Copy this address using the share buttons or the share link that the application for videos provides.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut F6 for a jump to the address bar of your browser. Additionally, you can pick the words in the video to copy it into the Clipboard with the CTRL+C keyboard shortcut.


It is possible to download YouTube videos using a variety of formats with YouTubNow. It’s simple. Simply copy the URL of YouTube and then paste it into the box for search. Select “Download”. There are a variety of formats to choose from as well as the option for quality.

Once you’ve chosen the format you’d like select “Download” Once you’ve chosen the format you want to download, simply click “Download”.

It’s easy, fast, and completely free. After signing up, you can download the number of YouTube videos you like. The conversion speed will depend on the resolution and quality of your video. Speeds of downloading will be higher if the video is of good quality.

YouTubNow gives the ability to download videos and audio. It allows you to download audio tracks from YouTube in the format MP3 and also download videos that are in 4K resolution. It does not require you to download any additional program. You just need to paste the video’s URL to the YouTubNow downloader and hit “Download.”


It is a website that allows you to download YouTube videos in a wide range of resolutions and file formats. The site also allows downloading videos from various websites. Videos downloaded can be created in different resolutions, for example, 720p and 1080p.

After finding the video you want to download, simply click the button and wait around 5 minutes. Then, you can watch your newly download video any time after when the download process is completed.

Y2Mate can download videos from more than 1000 websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Youku. It is possible to transform the audio files. The conversion process is simple and fast. It only requires the URL to the YouTube video that you would like to convert.

In Video

InVideo is a downloader for free for YouTube videos that also includes Online Editor. The videos can be edited you download, edit them, add the text, and then apply the effects. YouTube has a channel that offers tips and tricks and you can also get an account for free and create your first YouTube video in a matter of minutes.

The program is compatible with Macs as well as PCs. It is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. It comes with an inbuilt video manager which allows you to monitor the download process as it progresses and open a folder to watch the converted video.

There are also other converters from third parties if you require an alternative type of format.

This tool is free and allows you to easily download YouTube videos. Simply copy your YouTube URL to the field provided on the site. It can be watched online or saved to your computer. You can also add subtitles.

i ShareSoftware

If you’re looking to download YouTube videos, the shared software YouTube Converter is an ideal alternative. This free program works on Windows, Mac, and Android. Simply copy the YouTube URL then select the “Download” button.

You are able to download multiple videos at once if you prefer. The Premium version offers additional features, such as faster download speeds, higher converter options, and the possibility to download several videos at once.

Another good feature is the batch download and saves feature. It will help you save a lot of time when downloading multiple videos. It’s crucial to be aware that videos can be large and can take up plenty of space.

Certain advanced converters provide compression options to reduce the files’ size. To create smaller videos You can alter the resolution of your video, the audio quality, and even the file’s format using the settings.

Save media

Save media makes it easy to download videos from YouTube as well as other sites. It is fast and simple to install and supports Internet browsers, including Chrome, MS Edge, and Android. It means that you don’t have to copy and paste URLs to videos.

Additionally, it is easy to use, Save media also has zero updates and provides the entire power of the service directly to mobile devices.

SaveMedia, an online tool that allows you to download YouTube videos to convert to the formats of mp4 or mp3 is great. It also lets you download playlists. This service is compatible with various devices and allows you the ability to archive HD videos.

Additionally, you can remove advertisements as well as block comments. It is compatible with Chrome, Opera, and UC browser.