How to Make Money Scanning Photos

You can choose from a myriad of ways to earning money off your images. For example, you can sell your pictures online for as little as 40 cents for each image or repair and scan damaged photographs yourself elf. Scan My Photos as well as Scan Café offer scanning services. Go Photo is the most economical option. Scan My Photos has a user-friendly and simple scanning service for under a dollar.


There is no new way for people who scan photographs to make money. Sam Allen, ScanCafe’s CEO, estimates that around 550 billion digital photographs across the US. But, most people do not know the vulnerability of these images and that they could only be used for so long if they are properly stored. Photos are not only expensive to keep, but they may also be devalued over time if they’re not handled properly. The price is reasonable for a scanner and you can start scanning your photographs when you’ve got the cash.

Register to become one of ScanCafe current member! This website allows users to upload their images which others can scan. Additional scanning options are offered on the website, that allows you to scan hundreds of images at a cost of just 29 cents each. ScanCafe has more to offer than scanning. They also offer video digitization. If you’re in search of an opportunity to earn money scanning photos, sign up for ScanCafe now!

Google PhotoScan

Among all the services available on the web, Google PhotoScan is a preferred choice for photographers wanting to get started. Its simplicity and excellent functionality make it an ideal choice for scanning a large number of pictures at one time. The application lets you scan several photos simultaneously or even scan them all in one step. It can take less than 10 minutes. The app also has the option of removing glare and detects the presence of any objects or faces.

For a start to begin, download the app for free and install it on your phone. Launch the application and go to the screen for scanning. The steps are explained in a short video. The key is to keep your phone at a level angle while moving your camera around the picture. Within a couple of seconds there will be a blue outline appears on your screen. After you’ve completed your scanning procedure it is possible to make money from selling the scans.


You may wonder if scanning your images will help you generate income when you own thousands of pictures. The service allows you to scan photos at a cost. The service offers bulk scanning at $199. You can also spend as little as 16 cents per photo. Make sure you organize all your images in categories like “family”, “birthdays” or “anniversaries”. Later, scan your photos and pay them.

ScanMyPhotos is a scanning service that can be used that can be used for film as well as digital photographs. Customers can upload their 35mm or 8-mm slides. The scanning process will take between ten and twelve working days. Photos are delivered via delivery after scanning is completed. Customers are provided with digital copies of the photos of the photos on DVDs, as well as USB drives. If they pay a fee they can upload images they have scanned to the Cloud. If you’re looking to scan more than 100 photographs, ScanMyPhotos is a great alternative.

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There are many people who have lots of pictures they love and often find themselves in attics, basements as well as shoeboxes. This is a massive task that can be triggered by stressful circumstances like the birth of a baby or the loss of a beloved one. But there’s a better way to take those photos that aren’t being used away from the desk and onto digital formats – and profit by scanning them and selling the photos!

If you’re considering selling photographs, make sure you price them by the hour and calculate your time as scanning your photos can take quite a long time. It is also necessary to devote time sorting and labeling the images. If you are digitizing 40 pictures per hour for example, it will take 5 hours to digitally change 200 photos. Students in high school will cost between $30 and $50 an hour. While college students may charge anywhere from $150 to $250 to complete a project with 200 photographs. Be sure to add additional time to deal with computer issues and labeling your files as well as phone calls to the clients.

ScanCafe Value Kits

ScanCafe offers value-based kits that allow you to make profits from scanning photos. Its prices range from 28c per photo up to 39c per image based on the quality. The greater the quantity of scans that you upload and the less expensive the cost per photo will be. ScanCafe offers a range of options for the restoration of your photos, conversion of videos, and many more options. Value kits allow users to ship several items at once. The value kit comes with all items for shipping and pre-paid labels from the firm. All you have to do is scan your photos.

The value kits available by ScanCafe is a good way to start. This kit includes everything required for beginning scanning images as well as earning a commission. It costs less than $300, and it can earn you an adequate income. You can also send photos to Scan Café. They will digitize them and address any issues.

ScanCafe’s photo cleaning service

ScanCafe has made its photo-cleaning service, a very popular option as compared to traditional offerings. It specializes in taking photos and cleaning them slide, negatives, and photos. The company offers pre-paid, single-time scanning, and cleaning. The company also provides the option of color and editing. Also, it is possible to transfer VHS cassettes from your computer onto DVDs or any other type of media. Customers can clean, scan and even order Reprints.

Scan Café also provides top-quality scanning services. In particular, you can have the option of scanning an entire album of images at once. The cost is small for this service, however the quality remains equal. Alongside photo cleaning, you can also make advanced edits, such as the addition of text. ScanCafe is a premium-resolution service that scans photos with that are up to 1200 pixels and slides with 3000 dpi.