Convert YouTube Videos To Mp4 For Free


Introduction: If you’re looking to convert youtube videos to mp4 for free, now is the time to do it. YouTube has been moving towards mp4 encoding for years now, and there’s no reason not to follow suit.

Not only will this speed up the conversion process, but it also means you won’t have to spend any extra money on encoding or software.

With a little bit of effort and some ingenuity, you can convert YouTube videos to mp4 for free.

YouTube Videos

Convert YouTube Videos to MP4.

To convert YouTube videos to MP4, first, open the YouTube app on your device and enter the video’s URL. Once you’ve located the video, click on the “convert” button at the bottom of the screen.

The converter will start working as soon as it begins receiving data from YouTube.

Once the converter has finished converting your video, save it to your device by clicking on the “save” button at the top of the screen.

You can then use this MP4 converter to play your converted videos on any devices that have a YouTube app installed.

How to Use the MP4 Converter to Save Your Videos.

To save videos on your computer, firstly open the MP4 Converter and input the video file you want to convert. The converter will then help you choose the format of the video. Once the format has been selected, click on the “save” button.

If you want to save your videos onto an iPad or iPhone, first create a folder on your computer where you plan to store your videos.

Then open the MP4 Converter and input the video file you want to convert into a different format (like mp4). Click on the “save” button and enjoy your new videos!

How to Use the MP4 Converter to Get More Out of Your YouTube Videos.

By converting YouTube videos to PDF, you can save them as a format that is easy to read and share. PDF files are perfect for printing out and sharing with friends and family.

You can also use pdf converters to convert YouTube videos to other formats, such as Kindle books and torrents.

Convert YouTube Videos to Kindle Books

If you want to create Kindle books from your YouTube videos, you can use the Kindle Converter. This converter allows you to easily convert YouTube videos into Kindle books, which can be stored on your computer or devices like an iPad or iPhone.

Convert YouTube Videos to Torrents

One great way to get more out of your YouTube content is by converting it into torrents. This way, you can download and enjoy your videos without having them stored on your computer or device as a normal book would do.

Torrenting allows you to experience the video content in its entirety, so it’s a great way to keep up with the latest trends and shows while on vacation!


Converting YouTube videos to MP4 can help you save your videos, get more out of your clips, and convert them to more useful formats.

Whether you want to convert videos for use on your computer, iPad, or iPhone, the MP4 Converter is a great way to do it.